Services Offered


Are you seeking an engaging and knowledgeable leader to evoke a higher level of thinking for your staff? Ms. Glenn specializes in creating a sustainable team oriented environment, resilience in the workplace and how to inform staff to better work with clients concerned with emotional challenges. Rates begin at $300 per hour.


Schools, community organizations and small business owners are among the populations served. She specializes in the creation of action plans of holistic wellness for those dealing with burnout and compassion fatigue. Rates begin at $300 per hour.


Ms. Glenn is a highly sought after speaker, spanning across various age groups. Mental health concerns, relationship development and reminding others to practice self care is what she is known for discussing. Rates begin at $200 per hour.

Therapeutic Services

As a board certified and licensed clinician, Ms. Glenn has offered counseling and life coaching sessions for the last 9 years. She operates from a warm and compassionate stance, working alongside the client to make the time spent together worthwhile.
Areas of expertise include:
*Effective parenting
*Understanding generational trauma
*Combating anxiety & depression
*Dealing with imposter syndrome
*Maintaining life balance
*Micro aggressions at work
*Increasing self care/self love
Prices range between $100-$180 per session.

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