2018 Black Mental Health Symposium.
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"Healing Him:
A Closer Look at Depression &
Aggression in Teen Boys"

For Glenn, learning more about Ghana’s culture and people will help her better understand African American students she works with as a counselor, she says.

“As a psych major, I’m really interested in identity formation, to understand how people come to terms with the way they see themselves and the way they actually move in the world.” Seeing how the people of Ghana revered their heroes and celebrated their history will help her counteract stereotypes of Africans.

“They feel good about who they are and where they come from; who was there before them. That’s powerful. That’s one thing kids here are lacking. We don’t have positive representation of what it means to be an African American. We just don’t.”

Excerpt from April 2016, School of Education article at the University of WI-Milwaukee

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